Saturday, January 05, 2013

~A Tribute To My Granddad~

My precious granddad passed away on Wednesday, early afternoon. Since then, it's been a bit of a whirlwind. Granddad  was a wonderful man and has been honored in many different ways regarding his many contributions during his stay here on earth.  We have all been extremely blessed by all the sweet outpouring of love and the prayers being sent up on our behalf during this time.

~Always In Our Hearts~
(♥ Written by Chloe Henry, in loving memory of an amazing, wonderful and precious man...
Doyle Gene Standridge, 5-21-1932-1-2-13. I love you Granddad!!! ♥)
So many hearts, so many lives you've touched throughout the years,
what joy it's been to share with you through laughter, miles and tears.
You've been a faithful husband, provider and a friend,
willing to supply aid to others by lending out a helping and ready hand.
Having held many a position, by serving as a soldier, mechanic and fire chief,
in addition to towing cars and selling parts, you've brought to many a great service and much needed relief.
You've also been a loving father, uncle, father-in-law, granddad and so much more!
The influence you've had has been much and the impact you've made has been a great one, that's for sure!
All the precious memories that were made with you and the love that filled our hearts,
will be held dear, forever near, never to depart.
Though we love you dearly and miss you so, we are greatly comforted by knowing,
that someday soon we'll meet again, in heaven with warm hugs and bright smiles glowing.

I love you Granddad and am SO privileged to have gotten to share in your life and to be your granddaughter. You will be greatly missed and your memory will be forever treasured in our hearts!

The name of a righteous person remains blessed...” 
 ~Proverbs 10:7~

(The two last pictures are courtesy of my Aunt who is a photographer. :) )