Sunday, January 27, 2008

January Birthday's

This month my Mom and younger brother each
had a birthday.

We hosted a "Zoo" themed party in celebration. :-)

(Here's a picture of the "Zoo entrance".)

And this is the entrance table. A scripture was posted above, taken from Genesis, describing the creation of the animals. :-)

My Aunt and two cousins brought some bear shaped sugar cookies that they had made to share at the gathering. They also made a cage for the bears to travel in! :-) The sign on the cage read:

"Bears Sleeping Shhh!"

What a creative idea! :-)

In this picture my brother's and cousins played a game like Bingo only instead of looking for number's the player's listen for sounds and then put a marker on the correct animal or object the sound came from.

And here's the cake...........:-)

Time for presents!

Picture time!

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Anonymous said...

Ohohoh!!!! I have the Bingo game, only it's called "Soundtrack". It's lots of fun!!

Happy Birthday to them!