Thursday, May 21, 2009

~May Birthdays~

We recently took a trip to the Children's Museum to celebrate one of my younger brother's birthdays!

We had a very enjoyable day and I thought I would share some of the pictures with you! :-)

This is the birthday boy...all ready to go for a ride in the airplane! :-)
Here my grandparents and two of my brother's and I stopped to look at something new in the museum....a "Kinetic Energy Exhibit". It was quite fascinating! It had many colorful balls that would roll along on tracks, some of the tracts were straight others were spiraled. Sometimes the ball would roll along and bump into a bell that had been set up to "ding" when the balls hit it. :-) Another thing that was really neat was when the ball came to the end of its track and fell probably fell about two feet, then it would bounce off of a small landing area, up onto another track and keep going! We could have watched it for a very long time! ;-)
In this picture my brothers and another boy who was at the museum that day were exploring the bubble area!

There were bubbles in the ring around the boys feet and in the center of the ring there was a rope hanging down. If you pulled the rope, it would cause an object kind of like a hula hoop to come up out of the bubble liquid and form a bubble around you! :-)
At the fire station. :-)

This was at the art center...a very fun place to be!
Working and shopping at the grocery store. :-)

This is my brother....the judge! ;-)

After a while we took a break to have lunch and birthday cake! :-)

Then it was time for presents!

Later we headed outside the museum. There was a small train that you could ride on and as the train was loading up to make one of its rounds, my brothers and cousins decided to stand on a bridge that went over the train track, so they could wave at the passengers as they went underneath it. :-)
Now this part of the museum was rather interesting! On the wall it looked like colored dots were "raining down" and if you stood in front of the wall you would see your shadow. Then if you put your arms up the "dots" would start to collect "on" your though you were catching them! It was pretty amazing! :-)
Here I am on a "not so ordinary" bicycle. When you start to peddle the "skeleton man" beside you does too! It's a great example of how our skeleton works inside us and of how we truly are fearfully and wonderfully made!
This is the News Center.

This is my other brother...ready for his ride on the plane. :-)
And here are my brothers and cousins...all loaded up in a Model T! "So long!"
Just a few days later we celebrated my older brother's birthday!

I am very thankful for each member of this family and I am so very grateful to be a part of it!!! :-D
Love In Christ,
~Chloe~ :-)
"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting. "

Psalm 118:1

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Miss Jen said...

Wonderful.... how nice! ;)
Birthdays are SO fun!!!

Love & Blessings~ Jen