Saturday, September 12, 2009

~September Happenings~ :)

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the county fair! My younger brothers entered a few items that they made this year!
One of my brothers did a puppy paint by number! I thought he did a fantastic job on it! :)

And here are some message boards my brothers put together from Home Depot kits. They decided to paint them to add an extra special touch!
And.....just for fun....:)this is a picture of one of the chickens that was at the fair! It had quite the "hair-do"! lol! :) It received the champion ribbon.
And in other news, we have done a little decorating lately!

We decided to decorate this month with sunflowers and apples. :)

My younger brother came up with this pretty wall hanging. :)

I got the idea for this fabric sunflower from the Marie Madeline Studio site!

My great aunt was so kind as to pass along a magazine to us that contained a lovely fabric apple pattern! I made these apples on Labor Day out of some scrap material we had in storage for occassions such as this. :) The apples were so fun to make! :)
God bless!
~Chloe~ :)

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver."
Proverbs 25:11


Jacqueline said...

How exciting! Loved all of the pictures :) looks like y'all are having a wonderful September! (so are we!!! :)
Love and Blessings!

Miss Jen said...

How fun.... ;)
Looks like you are having
a fabulous September so far!
Enjoyed every picture... :)

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Julie said...

That sounds fun! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your prayers. :)

Have a marvelous day!