Friday, January 28, 2011

~Hey, Howdy, Hey!!!~

This month we celebrated my younger brother's 12th birthday!!! :D

For his party this year, we decided to have a "Toy Story" theme...we had LOTS of fun preparing for it! ;)

When we are making plans to create a special cake, my younger brothers enjoy drawing a picture of what they would like the cake to look like, then Mom will normally bake the cake and I will decorate it!

Here is the completed project!

We invited our guests to come dressed up as a toy to add to the fun of the theme! Our cousins came as a doll and a Barbie and my brothers dressed up as Ken and Woody!

Picture time! :)

Preparing to light the candles and to sing "Happy Birthday". :) (Over the years we have learned several birthdays songs...however, in more recent years we have discovered one that has become a new favorite. The tune is the same as the traditional "Happy Birthday" just change up the words a little! It says...

"Happy Birthday to you,
and to Jesus be true.
May the Lord's richest blessings,
abide upon you!" :) )

My youngest brother enjoyed trying on Woody's little hat! ;)

Along with the cake and vanilla yogurt, we prepared small servings of trail mix for an additional treat! :)

Opening presents!

We all had a very blessed day and were grateful for the time we were able to share together with relatives! :) I am SO thankful for each one the Lord has placed in my family! God is SO good! :D

By the entry way we posted a sign which read:

Loyalty is the bonding of individuals in a long-term commitment of sacrificial support and defense.

"A friend loves at all times..."
~Proverbs 17:17~

(In the movie "Toy Story 3" the Toys show loyalty to "their boy"!) ;)

Blessings to you all!

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