Saturday, July 08, 2006


Yesterday we went to watch a ball game with some of our church friends. But before that we met my orthodontist to see about my braces. There was a place on my gum that we wanted him to look at, to make sure it was ok, that may have been caused from a tooth moving really quickly. Since he lives close to the ball field, and was not in his office that day, he just had us come over to his house to adjust the braces. He made an adjustment and said my gum would be fine. :-) While there, he gave a tour of his house (which is an area of an old warehouse that has been remodeled) and even took us up on the roof and pointed out places in the town. We later met our friends at a restaurant to eat, then went to the ballgame. It was the first real ball game I have ever gone to. :-) The game itself didn't go terribly fast, but I still enjoyed watching, visiting with friends, cheering and clapping with the music that was played every now and then to keep the audience involved. :-) Sometimes a baseball would fly up into the stands, and if you caught it, they would let you keep it! Out of the two balls that came towards our area, a friend of ours, caught one! That was pretty neat! There were also people with video camera's that would project the players and audience onto a big screen. Our group was on there some, and that was neat too! The team we were rooting for, won, by one point, and the game was over. After the game they had a large display of fireworks! :-) They were really pretty! On the way out to our vehicle, there were some people riding in horse drawn carriages. :-) I liked those! The only thing was, that they were driving around amongst all the other traffic, which probably wasn't the safest thing. :-/ lol! Anyway, :-) overall we had an enjoyable day! :-)

In Christ!
~Chloe~ :-)

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