Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~The Widow's Might and Come What May~

Hello all! :-)

We have recently had the privilege of viewing some really amazing christian films! One of which is called "The Widows Might". This film was entered in the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and it won the $101,000.00 Jubilee Grand Prize!

"The Widow's Might is a full length feature film set in modern day America, following the struggles of several Christian families to keep a widow from losing her home due to tax foreclosure." (Description taken from www.widowsmightthemovie.com)

Here is a clip from the film...enjoy! :-)

Preview from John Moore on Vimeo.

To order this film or to look at other films that were entered in the festival you can go to Vision Forum or Behemoth.

Another film we really enjoyed was called "Come What May". Here is a trailer to it. :-)

To learn more about this film or to order a copy click here.

In Christ,
~Chloe~ :-)

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13


Jacqueline said...

Our mom LOVES "Come What May".
My brother and I had walked passed the main actor at the festival about 50 times before I finally remembered where I'd seen him before!

"The Widows Might" received 3 standing ovations after the second viewing!

Miss Jen said...

I have watched "Come What May" and it was wonderful....such a great message!! ;) I have not seen "The Widow's Might" yet, but hope to in the near future!! Thank you for the great movie recommendations.

Many Blessings,
Miss Jen