Sunday, May 16, 2010

~Birthday Fun~ :)

This year, for my youngest brother's birthday, we decided to take a trip to the Science Museum!
Sooo...Saturday morning, we all loaded up and headed down the road! :)
Upon our arrival we paused for a quick picture in front of the Museum entrance. :)

Before going in, we went over to take a look at the rather large propeller that was displayed outside.

After meeting up with relatives, we ventured into the gift shop. Some interesting things we discovered there, were some magnetic balls which could be linked together to form a circle etc.

Next we moved on to check out these scales. One scale showed what you weigh on earth and the other showed what you would weigh on the moon!

There was also a mirror maze! The maze itself really wasn't that complex, but since all the "walls" were mirrors it made things quite interesting! :) If you weren't careful you could almost walk into a mirror!

Upstairs we saw a rocket...

...and part of a space shuttle! :)

There was also a three story tree house with a spiral slide and if you went all the way up to the top of the tree house, you could look out of a skylight in the roof of the building! It was pretty neat! ;)

We then viewed a "Science Live" show where a young man came out and did experiments (blew things up) on stage.

After the show we decided it was time to have lunch and cake. ;)

Following the meal, my brother opened his presents! :)

We then resumed our exploration by heading off to the train area! There was a large display of model trains as well as a real passenger car! We enjoyed walking beside the passenger car and peeking in the windows at the many little rooms... of which was a dining room. :)

There were also a couple of segways to ride too!

Another part of the museum was called "Whodunit". In this area you were to get a newspaper that described three suspects, then you were to go into the diner to hear an audio recording that was supposed to be a conversation between the two gentlemen (in the right of the picture) discussing the crime. From the information you heard there, you were then to go into....

...this ally way and look for clues to determine who you thought the criminal was!

This was actually a bed of nails! (Don't worry, my brother said it didn't hurt!)

Here my brother looked through a periscope!

Here you could pump a marble all the way up to the ceiling and from there it would drop down and land on a round metal surface where the marble would fall though a hole in the center and then be pumped back up and dropped again! It was rather captivating to watch. ;)

There were SO many things at the Museum to see and do...this is just part of all that was there!

Later we went by a couple of stores including Bass Pro, here's a few pic's we took while there. :)

To conclude our outing, we stopped by Grandy's and enjoyed a meal before heading home! It was a full day but we all had a great time!

May God bless you all!
~Chloe~ :)

"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;
For His lovingkindness is everlasting."
~Psalm 118:1~


Bethany said...

How fun! We went to the Science Museum not to long ago with some friends, and we thought the Whodunit was a lot of fun! The younger kids loved the tree house.

Tell your brother happy birthday!


melinda said...

Look like a lot of fun! :)

wiji said...

Happy family in Jesus Christ. words full with inspiration. thx. God Bless you and Family. nice to know you.