Saturday, July 05, 2008

~Preparations for a Summer Ball~

Hello everyone!

Our family has been planning for the upcoming "Summer Ball" which we hope to attend this month, where we will be dancing some of the dances that were done in the Civil war time period (1860's). :-D (It should be lots of fun!!!)

We have been researching on the internet for what the gentlemen, ladies, and children wore, what the hair styles were, did they where gloves, among whatever other information we can find on the subject! ( Kind of a like a unit study.) ;-)

Anyway, as Mom and I were looking for dress patterns, she saw one that reminded her of one that my Aunt had worn in (or around) her high school days. It looked somewhat like the one in the picture on the right. We called my Grandma to see if she still had the dress and she did! She said I could borrow the dress and and she also remembered a dress that will work for Mom! :-)

Before we new my Grandma had a dress that would work for Mom, she tried on her wedding dress thinking that she might be able to wear it to the ball if she altered it a little to make it look more like a civil war ball gown.

And yes, after 24 years of marriage and four children, she still fit in her wedding dress!

And for the guys of the house, we plan to order some white dress gloves and right now we are thinking we will try to make at least the jacket part of this uniform pattern. :-)

Blessings to you all,

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus...."

Hebrews 12:2a


Bob and Cindy Cole said...

Hi Chloe! That sounds like alot of fun! My sister and I like that kind of stuff too. :) I'am sure you will have alot of fun!


Chloe said...

Hi Bethany!

Yes, I'm really looking forward to it! :-)